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There are very few companies in Canada with a greater understanding of the special needs of widows and widowers than Access Private Wealth.

Our company’s owners Jennifer Black and Janet Baccarani, both Certified Financial planners, co-authored the book “Managing Alone: An advisor’s guide to surviving the loss of a spouse” and founded the website widowed.ca, that has grown to become Canada’s largest free online support resource for Widows and Widowers.

At Access Private Wealth, we understand that after the loss of a spouse, it’s very difficult to turn your thoughts to financial matters. However, the reality is, some decisions do need to be made right away. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Understanding your benefits

As a widow/widower, you and perhaps your children are entitled to a number of benefits. Sources may include government and pension benefits, insurance, employment benefits and more. We’ll help you understand what benefits you can expect, and how to get them.

Creating a new financial plan

Your financial needs and resources have changed, perhaps dramatically. We’ll help you build a new financial plan, customized to your needs that will establish your new cash flow and help get your feet on steady ground.

Generational Wealth Transfer

As a widow/widower, its important to focus not only on your current investments, but also on the transfer of wealth to later generations, both now and as part of your estate. We can help preserve your wealth for the future.

Tax Efficient income

Now that your income may be changing, it’s important to have a tax planning strategy in place that will ensure you are not paying more than you should be at tax time. This is our specialty.

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