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Do you need a speaker for an upcoming community event or business meeting?

Our team deliver a number of presentations to groups of business owners/stakeholders, as well as non-profit organizations. Here are just a few of the topics that are available.

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Business Owner Presentation

In addition to personal Wealth Management topics, there are also a number of business-focused presentations, which can be targeted to either owners/stakeholders/senior management, or to your employees. Presentations can be tailored to suit your company’s specific needs and benefit mix.

Maximize your Company’s Resale Value (Group Workshop)

Through an interactive workshop utilizing presentations, ‘real world’ case studies and group discussions with our award-winning advisors and other business owners, you’ll gain the skill set to help you grow your company’s sales and profits up to double digits and position your company to sell at a premium.

Who will run my business when I’m not here?

It’s one of the most important questions a business owner can ask, yet all too often, it’s not planned for. Who takes over when you retire? Is the business to be sold? How will its value be determined? If there’s a dispute between owners, how will it be resolved? Our advisors will set out Succession Planning strategies to help you preserve your company’s value and ensure a smooth ownership transition.

Group Benefit Plan Options

Our advisors will help guide business owners and company decision makers through the various options available to you, so you can make an informed decision on what benefit/cost mix is right for your company. When you’ve decided on your plan, we can also help present the various options to your staff.

Salary vs. Dividend Income from your Business

There are many options available to business owners to generate income while you ensure the financial stability of your company. Let our certified financial planners outline some of strategies available to you.

Creating Guaranteed Pension Income

How much income will you need for your retirement? What portion will be derived from your company, and how should this pension income be structured? Our certified financial planners can show you how to guarantee a pension income to support your new lifestyle.

Avoid Double Taxation

Our advisors will help guide your company’s decision makers to plan for the future and avoid double taxation on the death of an owner. Avoid unnecessary post mortem taxes by building in safeguards now.

Personal Finances

Managing Alone

An overview of the financial challenges and decisions facing individuals after the loss of a spouse. A great source of information for Widows and Widowers, and couples planning for the future.

Maximize Your Retirement income

Our advisors will help you keep more of what you worked so hard for, through tax efficient strategies. Why pay more taxes than you need to, when you can retain more income to enjoy in your leisure years.

Keep more of what you earn – Tax Planning

One of the biggest financial mistakes most Canadians make is not having a sound taxation strategy. Our certified financial planners will help you identify some common pitfalls and show you how you keep more of what you earn with some simple advance planning.

Effective Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the mainstay of any financial plan, yet while many Canadians save for retirement, choosing an option that’s not right for you can make a huge difference in what’s available to you when you’re ready to retire. Are RSPs preferable to TFSAs? How do company pensions affect personal savings plans? Let our advisors help you evaluate options and plan for a worry-free retirement..

Protect Your Estate for Future Generations

Who will benefit from your hard work when you pass on your assets, Canada Revenue or your family? Our certified financial planners will help you plan for a tax efficient legacy to minimize taxes payable.

Create Wealth in your Personal Investment Portfolio

Do you really have tax efficiency within your investment portfolio? Do you know whether to choose income vs. cash flow? Our Wealth Management advisors will address some of the key concepts that create wealth, both now and for the future.

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