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Most people think they are happy with their advisor and hesitate to see what else is out there. If you were to rank your advisor and your advisory experience below how would it match up to the Award Winning Access Private Wealth Process?

Advisor signed us up but now we only meet with their staff
We always meet with the advisor for our review meetings
Have to request a meeting to get on the advisor’s schedule
Advisor always schedules the next meeting before we leave the current meeting
Advisor does not send out electronic updates ex: Newsletters
Advisor believes in educating their clients and sends out regular updates at least monthly
Advisor calls me to make changes to my portfolio and cannot proceed until they speak with me first
Advisor is proactive and able to make trades on my behalf and is not delayed by having to phone everyone
Advisor may know my goals but does not write them down or regularly update them
Advisor can tell me my goals at all times because they know me very well and have written them down to always track my progress
My portfolio is only made up of public investments
My portfolio has both public and private assets to diversify and reduce market risk
Advisor mostly talks about investments and performance at the meetings
Advisor tracks my entire plan around my goals and investments are just a piece of the larger plan
Advisor does not help with other areas outside of investment planning
Advisor offers many different services and covers many different areas I would otherwise have missed
The current planning is not helping me achieve my life goals
The planning is based on and is helping me achieve my life goals
I do not have as much confidence in the future as I would like
I have a strong sense of confidence about my future
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Access Private Wealth consistently scores over 95.

If after completing the exercise you have any questions or concerns about where you are financially or the service your advisor is providing, call Access Private Wealth and we will help you get on the right path. Our clients would tell you anything less than 95, you are not getting the service you deserve.