Power of Access

Asset Manager Interviews

Explore interviews with several portfolio managers and principals of the asset management firms we have chosen to include in our exclusive Access Private Wealth private portfolios. We give you an opportunity to hear from the managers themselves and take a closer look at where your capital is being allocated to and exactly how it's invested.

Jennifer Radman, Head of Investments & Senior Portfolio Manager, Caldwell Investment Management

Elroy Gust, President & CEO, Newlook Capital

Cliff Fraser, Chief Business Development Officer, Equiton

James Cole, Senior VP and Portfolio Manager, Portland Investment Counsel

Robert Anton, Managing Director, Next Edge Capital

Allison Taylor, Chief Executive Officer & Portfolio Manager, Invico

Jason Brooks, President & Portfolio Manager, Invico

Ken Jesudian, Chief Executive Officer, Crimson Asset Management

Dan Brintnell, Managing Director, Overbay Capital Partners

Tori Buffery, Partner, Morningside Capital Management Inc.

Globe & Mail interview with former president and CEO of the CPP Investment Board on  diversification in your portfolio.

Economic Update in October 2020 with Chief Investment Strategist, Philip Petursson.

Greg Romundt, CEO
Centurion Asset Management.